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El Gato is a purebred white Arabian horse with Spanish bloodlines.    He was born in 1999 and was taught to dance by Indalecio Macedo (Jr.).   The Macedo family is well reknowned for being some of the top dancing horse trainers in the world.   It is an extreme honor to be teamed up with a horse that Indalecio has worked with.

His rider and handler, Kelly Christine, is new to the dressage and dancing horse world and has only been riding him for a few years now.  Together they are learning more and more dance movements and tricks to please their audience. 

Kelly had stopped riding completely several years ago because of a severe leg injury.   When she first met Gato, she had not been on a horse for over three years and was reluctant to get on him at all......but when she did, there was an instant connection.   Kelly still fights many issues with her injury including severe arthritis, swelling, bruising, lack of circulation, and limited mobility which leads to a lot of pain in her leg when riding.  It's because of this that she doesn't ride Gato that much between shows.  She plays with him 'in-hand' everyday as they continue to build their incredible bond together.   Kelly believes that Gato has 'saved her life' in many ways and she is grateful for everyday she is allowed to spend with him.

Kelly and Gato have collected many costumes over the past few years and have enjoyed traveling around the Midwest dancing and performing for audiences at local fairs, equine events, parades, festivals, weddings, and private parties.  El Gato dances to the beat of the music by performing the difficult, advanced high school dressage movement called the "piaffe" which resembles a high stepping, trot in place.  He also may choose to 'hop' to the beat jumping into the air from one front leg to the other while hovering there to the music.  You will also see him perform a high stepping march called the "Spanish Walk".   El Gato can do many other tricks and movements and chooses to include them when the music is just right.

Over the last two years, El Gato and Kelly Christine have added some very special riders to their shows.   The students of Dragonfire Dancing Horses are now getting in the act by offering a beautiful flag presentation honoring our country and it's soldiers.

The girls dress up in Red, White, and Blue and ride to an inspirational tune to celebrate our freedom. Dragonfire Dancing Horses are also available to lead your hometown parade carrying flags and dressing up in traditional Red, White, and Blue.

 The more daring little riders have been learning more about trick riding and vaulting, so they've merged the two disciplines and now wow the audience with some of their gymnastic movements on horseback.    We've gotten wonderful feedback from the kid's performances.    They are incredibly entertaining.

 When you get done looking at all the pictures and videos we've got loaded up, click on the "Photo Gallery" page next and you can see for yourself what a fun show we've put together for kids of all ages.  There are over 10,000 pictures loaded up on Facebook of our past events, so please feel free to FRIEND US ON FACEBOOK and check out even more photos!!!

Phone: (641)373-7545

Gato knows so many things ..... he is simply amazing to meet.   He is especially good around children and the handicapped.  He is extremely careful around crowds and LOVES petting and pictures.  Here he is pictured above sitting in his beanbag chair, laying down on command and bowing,.

 If you are having a celebration or any other type of event where you are looking for unique entertainment, please feel free to email or call us to see if we may be able to come to your location so you can meet the famous "El Gato"  and his friends in person

Phone: (641)373-7545

Phone: (641)373-7545

Phone: (641)373-7545

Phone: (641)373-7545


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